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Harmonic Frequencies was born from the passion of Nisha Ahuja to start a company which creates products tools and services which interpret universal language of shape, vibration and symmetry. Creating aesthetically beautiful tools to assist in harmonising harmful invisible EMFs which are the cause of frequency pollution.

Welcome to Harmonic Frequencies Ltd., the No. 1 company in bringing you Bespoke Lifestyle Wellness Products and Tools. We are dedicated to providing you with high-end, hand-finished Sacred Geometry products,  bringing elevation to you and your space.

What you surround yourself with is immensely important: it influences who you are and how you feel and think.  These products will be the energetic influences that can help create and shape you and your world in the most uplifting and empowering way.

Each Geometric Patterned Plate with its paint-infused  crystals, holds its own energetic signature. Your purchase will be inviting powerful cosmic energies into your environment. Not only are they beautiful and inspiring works of art, they are purposeful in helping with Meditation, Mindfulness and EMF protection.

The Tachyonised Plates are  infused with Real Space Time Frequencies, further amplify the vibration of your plate. These highly supercharged frequencies will quickly bring you into alignment with self and calm and balance your life and space . These frequencies hold all knowledge of the universe. They are very healing and expansive.

Our Geometric Plates become a focal point in your space. You can personalise them by selecting your own colours infused with crystals of your choice, match them with your interiors or personalise them as a special unforgettable gift.

Robert Lawson

“Geometry as a contemplative practice is personified by an elegant and refined woman, for geometry functions as an intuitive, synthesizing, creative yet exact activity of mind associated with the feminine principle. But when these geometric laws come to be applied in the technology of daily life they are represented by the rational, masculine principle: contemplative geometry is transformed into practical geometry.”

Nisha (Owner)

About us

Founded in 2017 by Nisha Ahuja, the company went through it’s own transformation and became Harmonic Frequencies in 2019. The company has come a long way from it’s humble beginnings. Nisha has always been a Visionary and knows how to pull her visions out of Dreamtime to be experienced in Real-time. She is highly intuitive and draws ideas from the ether like a thunderbolt. After journeying with a Flower of Life plate, she began experiencing visions through her meditation on how to improve and take the plates to a higher vibrational level. Intuitively Nisha knew that by creating these sacred plates they would make great meditational tools as well as being beautiful accessories for home and lifestyle wellness. Nisha continues to receive insights and guidance as to what geometric patterns to create to assist metaphysical practitioners in their work. Each pattern holds its own energy significance and energy signature. The insights and visions are still coming through strong, which will, in time manifest into future products. As a Metaphysical Practitioner herself, Nisha blends purposeful meaningful work with luxury, elegance and sophistication.

Watch this space. 

Pyramids sacred geometry structure showing how it is being used around the world

what they’re saying

Wow, these plates are stunning! Even more beautiful than in the pics. I am a big believer in good energy and I have noticed how, without trying, different elements of my family’s life are really starting to flourish.


London, England

On first receiving the Sri Yantra plate I was overwhelmed with the quality, I had viewed photos prior to its arrival which I was really impressed with but to see it in the physical form was something else.


London, England

The meditation plate I received was made to such a high standard, the detail, work and craft that has gone into curating this piece is perfect.


London, England

I am honored and excited to share my connection with the sacred geometry plates. They are power pieces that will transform the spiritual being inside of us all. The intention, quality and artistry are magnificent.


North Carolina, USA