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Jason, North Carolina: Wholeness, oneness and balanced vibrations to all

I am honored and excited to share my connection with the sacred geometry plates.  They are power pieces that will transform the spiritual being inside of us all.  The intention, quality and artistry are magnificent.


On a basic level, we see signs and symbols all around us that shape our subconscious and therefore, our reality.  For instance, look around you and pay attention to how many boxes and squares you see.  The mind recognizes symbols quicker than it does language, as written language is just a bunch of symbols put together in different sequences.


Sacred geometry is the building blocks of our universe.  Having these pieces around the house establishes a universal flow of life.  In a matter of speaking, the plates find you, just as you have found this testimonial.  We are always resonating and we harmonize with what we resonate with.


I’ve done ceremonies, set intentions, created rituals, conducted healing sessions and more, with the plates.  The copper plates are super conductive and the crystal paint allows you to turn up your connection with the plates.  I have seen gradual but consistent transition since incorporating them into my flow of life.  We have babies and the plates are placed where they sleep and play, to allow their lives to be built upon a universal foundation.


In a recent experience, I actually went through the portal of the flower of life (copper version that we have on our wall) during lucid sleep.  Wow.  I also was able to achieve lucid sleep more effectively, after placing the flower of life on our bedroom wall.


You can sit and meditate on the plates, you can add crystals, power pieces, create an alter, restructure food and water, open up a portal to different levels of yourself or just have them within your environment and allow the subtle energies to harmonize within you and all those around you.  We can do these things knowing that what we hold sacred is also holding us sacred, in the form of handcrafted, sacred geometry.


I will continue to amplify my experiences with the plates.  They are spiritual technology for me and for us all.  They are integral as we continue to awaken as human beings.  We enjoyed our initial experiences so much that we ordered a tachyonized version and know this is going to knock our socks off!!

Katie, London: Wow, these plates are stunning!

Even more beautiful than in the pics.


I am a big believer in good energy. So when Nisha told me about the Flower Of Life and various other plates, I just knew I had to have at least one of them in my home. Nisha, personally came to deliver the plate and provided me with lots of info about it. I find myself staring at the plate for ages at a time; it helps me to meditate and control my thoughts, enhancing my positive thinking.


I have also noticed how, without trying, different elements of my family’s life are really starting to flourish.


We all love the plate, you can’t not, it’s crafted so beautifully.


I want to thank Nisha for giving us this blessing. I will not hesitate in recommending you to my contacts.

Sarada, London: I love this – great as a meditation plate or a wall hanging

The meditation plate I received was made to such a high standard, the detail, work and craft that has gone into curating this piece is perfect.


As mine was copper plated, I managed to hang this on my wall and it looks great – particularly because of the heat treatment. The idea of having copper one side and then crystal paint on reverse is perfect for you to keep interchanging. 

Chris, London: The attention to detail that had been applied is amazing, the plate is immaculate!

I purchased a Sri Yantra 20 inch plate, I choose to have one side in shungite paint for its abilities to block out emf infiltration, I also choose cooper as the main metallic material for its electrical conductivity property.


On first receiving the Sri Yantra plate I was overwhelmed with the quality, I had viewed photos prior to its arrival which I was really impressed with but to see it in the physical form was something else. 


I own other sacred geometry plates from other sources but the quality, details & finish on this one is unmatchable.


Since receiving the plate I have been incorporating it in my daily meditations which has changed up everything about them. I feel the shungite blocks out any outside infiltration which allows me to enter my meditations with much ease once I am in doesn’t take long for me to astral project which wasn’t happening before I started using the plate. I also feel an electric current running through me when using the plate which has also only been happening since applying the plate to my mediations. As I enter other realms the energy of this plate feels like it guides & protects me on my travels.


As I have experience in using sacred geometry tools previously I must say it is a true honour to have the opportunity to purchase & work with such a aligned & powerful tool.


Give thanks love & gratitude.