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Sacred Geometry

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“There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres”

Sacred Geometry symbols and meanings have an essential place in human history.



Sacred Geometry

In the grand tapestry of existence, one undeniable truth emerges: everything has a pattern. At the heart of this intricate web lies the remarkable concept of Sacred Geometry. It empowers us to perceive the underlying order that governs our universe, unveiling the language of light and revealing the patterns woven into every aspect of creation. From the cosmic to the minuscule, Sacred Geometry exposes the symphony of structure and design that shapes our world. Explore the profound patterns that permeate all things and embrace the awe-inspiring harmony that connects us to the very fabric of existence.


What is God, he is length, width and depth (St Bernard Clairvaux)


Why is Sacred Geometry Important?

Discover the profound significance of Sacred Geometry and why it is vital to embrace its presence in your life. Allow me to shed light on its transformative power, inspiring you to embark on a journey of exploration and consider investing in our remarkable products.

Sacred Geometry serves as the unseen framework through which all life evolves. It unveils the hidden dance of atoms, stimulating them to create mesmerising shapes and patterns. These geometric patterns govern every aspect of our existence, from the majestic wonders of nature to the intricate workings of atoms, spiralling galaxies, sound waves, and even the human body itself. Look around you, and you will witness the pervasive presence of form and shape in the natural world.

Delve deeper, and you will discover that sound waves and vibrations birth these sacred patterns, carrying the potential for profound healing. Everything, including our very beings, is composed of energy waves that give rise to intricate patterns, as witnessed in the mesmerising field of Cymatics.

By immersing ourselves in the language of Sacred Geometry, we forge a profound connection with nature and our own inner selves. It is not merely an abstract concept but an inherent part of our physical bodies, cells, and atoms. Sacred Geometry envelops us everywhere, from the graceful curves of trees and pine cones to the delicate symmetries of leaves and flowers. It resonates in the ebb and flow of waves, the crystalline structures, the sacred helix of DNA, the cosmic tapestry of the skies, and even the harmonious vibrations that surround us.

Through this language of patterns, humanity receives abstract knowledge from the celestial realms, channeling cosmic wisdom into physically manifested form. It aligns us with the universal natural law and order, illuminating the intricate tapestry of cosmic life.

Sacred Geometry extends beyond personal connection; it encompasses the very geomancy of our planet. It unveils the energetic vortexes and intersections of ley lines and grids that shape the Earth’s energy field. Just as Feng Shui is grounded in the principles of Geomancy, this profound knowledge explores the relationship between the high vibrational energy centres of the Earth and the sacred symbols themselves. The symbols hold immense power and carry a transformative, high-frequency energy that can positively impact our lives.

It is believed that the journey of Sacred Geometry has only just begun, with many symbols yet to be explored and unveiled. Harmonic Frequencies, our pioneering endeavour, has already brought forth seven sacred geometry symbols, with many more in the making. Each symbol holds unique benefits for your life’s journey.

Unlock the potential within these sacred symbols and experience their transformative power. Explore our remarkable products page to delve deeper into how each symbol can elevate your life, aligning you with the profound harmony and vibrational energy of Sacred Geometry. Step into a realm where the seen and unseen intertwine, and the power of cosmic knowledge embraces you.

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Currently Harmonic Frequencies are working with seven sacred geometry symbols:




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