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Sacred Geometry

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“There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres”

Sacred Geometry symbols and meanings have an essential place in human history.



Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry permeates within the universe giving it its structural foundation;  formulating how the universe is shaped, how it functions and how it exists on a physical and perceptual level.

Some refer to it be as being the alphabet of the universe which creates the language of light.


Why do we refer to this Geometry as Sacred?  

It governs all things.  It gives all things structure, foundation and dimensions.

As thoughts are to the Mind, Geometry is to Creation. It provides the very model of Creation. ‘Geo’ means ‘Earth’ and ‘metry’ means ‘measurement’ – Earthly measurements. These symbols can also be broken down into numbers which govern our entire visible and invisible world through  universal mathematics: the Fibonacci sequence, Phi, the Golden Ratio, Spirals, Zero Point and so on.  It allows one to unlock the secrets structures of the universe. Every type of growth and motion is governed by the same sets of mathematics. Geometry is the graphical representation of the mathematics principles of nature.


What is God, he is length, width and depth (St Bernard Clairvaux)


Why is Sacred Geometry Important?


⁃ It is the unseen framework through which all life evolves.

⁃ When atoms are stimulated they create shapes and patterns.

⁃ These geometric patterns govern every system; Nature, Atoms, Universe, Spiralling Galaxies, Sound Waves / vibrations, Human body, all Form and shapes. Form and shapes are everywhere in the natural world. Just look around you.

⁃ Sound waves and or vibrations create patterns which form the basis of sacred geometry.

⁃ These patterns have the ability to heal in the same way sound heals. Everything is made up of energy waves which create patterns as in Cymatics.  ⁃ These symbols begin to connect you deeper to nature and your self. Geometry is also present in your body, cells and atoms.

⁃ Sacred Geometry is inherently around us; the trees, pine cones, leaves, flowers, waves, crystal, water, DNA, cosmic skies, sounds.

⁃ Through this language of patterns, man is able to receive the abstract knowledge of cosmic life from the heavens, by channelling through the earth in the form of the physically manifested in accordance and observation of universal natural law and order.

⁃ Sacred Geometry can also be observed as the geomancy (divining the earth) of the entire planet where we find energy vortexes and where grid or ley lines intersect.

⁃ Geomancy deals with earth energies and it’s relationship with living a healthy balanced life. Feng Shui is based on the principles of Geomancy.  

⁃ Geomancy is similar to how chakras function in the human body. They are the earths power centres. Showing the relationship between high vibrational earths energy centres and sacred Geometry. This is why these symbols hold power and carry a high vibrational energy.

It is believed that there are many Sacred Geometry symbols that are yet to be explored and through time it is believed that more symbols will appear. Currently Harmonic Frequencies have brought out seven sacred geometry symbols and are working in the background on many more. To Further understand how each symbol can benefit you and your life check out our products page.

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Currently Harmonic Frequencies are working with seven sacred geometry symbols:




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