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 What are the Geometric Plates

Our surroundings have a huge impact on our being, which is very often, much overlooked. Subconsciously it can create our moods; colours can trigger emotions, dirt or cleanliness which impacts the mind and nature can bring about a sense peace or calmness. Therefore it’s highly important you create a space that’s  inspiring and uplifting. Moving one from chaos to calm.

These  beautiful, high vibrational power pieces bring about a sense of well-being.  

One can Search for truths, for ones personal path, amongst these patterns of divine design of creations. Sacred geometry allows us to change our sacred point of view through the expansion of our consciousness, which in turn shifts our reality. 

Allowing the intangible, the high vibratory frequencies of these divine creations to imprint on ones mental emotional and spiritual choices  eventually forms ones path towards the highest versions of self. 

These multi purposeful plates, not only decorative yet purposeful, promoting Mindfulness and mediation. The Crystal and  Tachyon Frequencies can help neutralise Frequencies pollutions (EMFs) which can takes its toll. 

These sacred plates beautiful, artistic and captivating. They allow one to create the opportunity to be totally swept away from the outside world, into the your own calm oasis.  The perfect way in inviting the cosmic energies into your environment, immersing yourself in its healing Frequencies. 

Using these Geometric plates daily in this way becomes satisfying and enriching for your mind body and spirit, allowing you to maintain a holistic state of well being and expanding ones consciousness. 

These patterns reveals the myriad ways that we are connected at (and to) all levels of life.  every way of knowing whether that be chemistry, physics, architecture, music, even one’s emotional states, can be shown to have a connection in sacred geometry. Nothing would be possible without sacred Geometry. 

  • Drawn to Precision and mathematically aligned.
  • Each pattern emits its own unique Energy signatures into the space it’s placed
  • Made in Copper or Steel
  • We use a Special Tachyonised Crystals which are infused paints. 
  • Pick colours to match with your interiors. Personalise to your preference. 
  • Tachyonisation a process where the plate is immersed in zero point energy. Which are: Real space time Frequencies, changing the plates subatomic structure increasing its charge and polarity, amplifying it’s healing Frequencies. 
  • Each plate is hand finished, made bespoke uniquely for each customer with plenty of love and care. 
  • Made in the UK
  • These sacred plates reveal more ethereal and spiritual energy of nature.

If you have any questions about our Sacred Geometry plates please contact our customer service team and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.


Personalised Plates

Although we already offer a wide range of colours and crystal paints we understand that every customers environment, lifestyle and living space is different, so we offer the option to create your own personalised Sacred Geometry Plate. We can source a number of crystal (gemstones) and minerals as well as paint colours. So contact our customer service team and they will help you create your Geometric Plate.

We also offer a number of other options to personalise your plate from tachyonisation to having two sides of your plate hand-finished. Why not check out our personalise your Sacred Geometry  Plate section to find out more about all the options available to you.

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Three different sized resonance plates stacked to create one plate
Flower of life (Line Pattern) Red With Gold Trim

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