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What is Tachyonisation?

Tachyonisation is a new revolutionary technological process which impregnates physical particles with increase amounts of tachyon.

Tachyon’s are massless light particles within the Zero Point of the Quantum field.  The Zero point field can also be referred to as Vacuum Energy. Tachyons are also found within you, in each and every atom, connected to all massless light particles outside of you. This why they say: you have all the information about the universe within. Not only do they have the ability to activate your inner knowing, they also have the ability to bring you back into balance by allowing profound healing to take place. Tachyon deepens your connection to the Source by deepening your ability to meditate.  These are real space-time electromagnetic frequencies.

Imagine if space is the body, then tachyon is the prana or life force.

Our processes using Tachyon;


Tachyonising your plate:

Our process uses Tachyon Frequencies to permeate your Geometric plate. This process changes the plate’s subatomic structure, so that the amplification increases, amplifying the power of the geometry, metal and crystals infused in the paints.
Think of it like turning up the volume of a song you like listening to so it can be felt throughout your whole body.  Once the plate undergoes this process, your Geometric plate is permanently Tachyonised.


Tachyon Chamber

A cutting edge, advanced-wellness technology in holistic treatments – the first in the UK.

Tachyon frequencies is a subtle yet powerfully transformative full body experience,  revitalising cells back to optimal health.
Aches and pains are generally a result of internalising emotions. Rather then treating the symptoms first, these frequencies deal with the root cause of the issue, very quickly bringing your mind body spirit into alignment, so balance can be restored.

People have experienced instant and profound changes within their energy fields. Greater emotional, mental clarity and an increased feeling of wellbeing. Deeper issue like diseases will require more time. With patience, they will definitely be impacted positively.

The effects are permanent as it heals on a cellular level, reaching every plane of existence; Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual bringing you back to Wholeness. Reconnecting you back to the source frequency



Sacred Geometry treatment

in combination with our power tools the Geometry, Chakra alignment balms and aura sprays, we offer a deeper personalised healing experience getting to the deepest layers of the blockage, one experiences throughout their lives.


Tachupunture treatment

Our World Exclusive treatment Tachupunture; This involves insertions of very thin needles in strategic geometric structures PowerPoint on the body whilst a person is in the Tachyon chamber. This experience is powerful and profound.

Tachyon benefits


  • Advance spiritual development
  • Heightened Awareness; physical, emotional, mental claritY 
  • Reconnection back to the source
  • Detoxing on many levels
  • Aligning one very quickly to your higher purpose
  • Increase in synchronicity
  • Restoration of your chakra and meridian points back to zero point balance or back to neutrality
  • Feeling rejuvenated and balanced
  • Ability to go deeper and maintain focus in your meditations
  • Increasing the capacity for your bodies ability to activate its own inner healing and heal faster.
  • Excellent for dealing with anxiety and depression
  • Increasing your physical and mental stamina.
  • Relaxed and balanced sense of well being
  • One session can feel like years of inner work. After 6 sessions, is a Game-changer. Life will definitely feel and be experienced differently.



For more detailed explanation please read our blog on Tachyon Energy

Tachyonise your plate...

If you would like your Geometric Plate to be tachyonised we can look at completing this for you.

Harmonics Frequencies can send your Geometric plate to our tachyon chamber in Europe. This will add an additional three weeks to your order.


If you would like your plate to be tachyonised. Please add the Geometric plate to the cart first and then add our tachyon service which Accessories and Services section adding the correct size to match the Geometric plate ordered.

We understand that your Geometric plate is an investment so Harmonic Frequencies offers our customers the chance to complete the tachyon energy process at a later date.
If you would like your existing Geometric plate to be tachyonised, then please add this service via our Accessories and Services section and our customer service team will be in touch to arrange for your Geometric  plate to be collected.

If you are interested in booking one of our Tachyon sessions, please contact us below.

Tachyonise your plate...

If you would like your Geometric Plate to be Tachyonised we can look at completing this for you.
If you are interested in booking one of our Tachyon session in our tachyon chamber, Please contact us and our customer service team will be more then happy to help. Also feel free to look on our Facebook page; Tacyon-London for further information and reading reviews.