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Universal DNA

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Stephen Hawkings

“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious”

Experience the Universal DNA Plate—an extraordinary fusion of art and science that transcends all boundaries. Unveil the secrets of the universe as you delve into boundless possibilities.

At its core, an intricate geometric code awaits—a language of creation itself. This profound pattern serves as a bridge, connecting the ethereal with the tangible, harmonising the intricate structures of the eye and the dance of light.

Mesmerising and embedded within, discover the Fruits of Life—gateways to higher realms. Traverse dimensions, witness unity, and embrace fluid transitions, embarking on an unparalleled journey of discovery.

This intricate tapestry holds the key to life’s eternal cycle—testament to rebirth in all stages. It whispers of immortality, urging you to explore boundless potentials within.

Inspired by the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life, the Universal DNA Code expands its influence into the dimensions of the Egg of Life. Within the composition of seven circles, discover the essence of creation’s geometry—a union of feminine and masculine archetypes.

Beyond its captivating form, this sacred masterpiece acts as a portal—a gateway to a multidimensional universe. Immerse yourself in life energy and consciousness, elevating your vibrational resonance and strengthening your connection to the cosmos.

Embrace the profound journey where energies converge with your very DNA through water. This design’s affinity for water infuses it with the universal life force, unlocking your full potential. Harmonising with light, sound, and inter-dimensional harmonics, it expands your understanding beyond limits.

Elevate your quest for knowledge by incorporating this awe-inspiring plate. As a transformative tool, it unveils the intricate dance of existence. Reflecting the interconnectedness of body and spirit, it invites you to witness enlightenment.

Not limited to personal growth, the Universal DNA Plate resonates in space and environment. Infusing transformative energies, it transcends time and place. As a cosmic conduit, it connects your surroundings to universal life energy, creating a harmonious sanctuary.

Intricately designed, it interacts synergistically with the energetic fabric of your space. Influencing energy flow, it promotes balance and coherence. Open portals to unexplored dimensions, fostering inspiration, creativity, and heightened awareness.

Harmonising with natural elements, especially water, the Universal DNA Plate imparts encoded wisdom and universal energy. Every droplet becomes a carrier of cosmic energies, nurturing a deeper connection to the universe.

Establish a transformative environment resonating with the essence of existence. Merge the power of the Universal DNA Plate with the vastness of space, creating a tapestry reflecting the grandeur of the cosmic dance. Embrace the limitless possibilities that unfold.


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