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Universal DNA

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Stephen Hawkings

“Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious”

This advanced geometric code resonates with universal blueprint which manifests spirit into matter and matter into spirit. This pattern is the morphological structure of the eye and the electromagnetic field structure of light.

Embedded in this pattern the many Fruits of Life which represents the many dimensional portals allowing you to shift to a higher octave. It’s the very key to unity and transitions between worlds and dimensions.

This complex patterns also holds the concept of re-birth of life in various stages and the idea of immortality.


The Universal DNA Code is based on the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life. Expanded into a lager dimension of the Egg of Life composed of seven circles where each large circle is super-imposed with the Fruit of Life with an overlay of the geometry of creation through the vesica piscis and pyramid energy.

The vertical vesica pisces is the female archetype and the vertical diamond male archetype. In fact, there so many vesica pisces not shown but they all related to each other in a 90 degrees’ shift.


This sacred geometric form is a gateway into the multi-dimensional universe of time, space and beyond. It connects you to the universal streams of life energy and consciousness. These energies are then broadcast into the environment or on to the individual, enhancing the strength and vibration of those consciousness fields.


When using this sacred geometric code, you are allowing the energies to connect directly to the DNA through the element of water. This design has a direct affinity to the element of water. It imprints the water with the streams of universal energy that is carried by the geometry.


This is a unique energy code was designed to enhance the light we carry. As the pattern is connected to the harmonics of light and sound as well as the harmonics of other worlds.


If you wish acquire tremendous understanding on a level which you do not yet possess. Then superimpose this plate over whatever it is that you seek to know. Your eyes reflect everything happening in the body, and through the use of this tool.

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