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Flower Of Life

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Remy De Gourmont

“Art is the Flower of Life and, as seed, it gives back life”

The Flower of Life geometry, the blueprint of Creation. This awe-inspiring symbol of interconnectedness resonates with inner harmony, revered by ancient cultures worldwide for its profound significance.

This plate carries within it the; seed of life, the fruit of life, and the tree of life—a perpetual fractal that serves as the original template for all existence. Embrace its energy and tap into the Akashic Records, granting access to wisdom, healing, and profound insights.

Our luxurious Flower of Life plate is the perfect companion for those seeking a spiritually aligned and empowered life. Elevate the energy in your sacred space or any chosen area, channel the profound power of this timeless symbol.  Its harmonious shapes radiate the vibrations of unity and life, infusing your surroundings with perfect balance and feminine energy.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil and nurturing aura of the Flower of Life, and unlock a new dimension of healing within your life. With its meticulously balanced shapes and potent symbolism, this exquisite accessory gracefully enhances any environment, promoting serenity, equilibrium, and harmony.

The transformative energy of the Flower of Life with our captivating plate. This sacred symbol holds immeasurable power and offers an array of benefits for those who embrace its presence.

By integrating the Flower of Life into your surroundings, you forge a direct connection to the source, tapping into ancient wisdom that resides within your very being. This multidimensional frequency amplifier serves as a remarkable catalyst for personal growth and transformation. As the Flower of Life emerged from the void, it carries the codes of creation, recognised by your inner self during contemplation or meditation upon its sacred pattern.

The profound geometry of the Flower of Life seamlessly aligns and balances your physical and energetic systems, fostering a divine connection with the universal energy source. As you immerse yourself in its symbol, it facilitates the manifestation of spirit into tangible form, guiding you towards divine alignment. Moreover, this energy aids in stabilising your immune system, offering solace to those grappling with ailments or allergies, particularly those triggered by man-made electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).

The Flower of Life serves as a profound pathway to unity, reinstating your bond with the primordial creative energy. Its precise and harmonious forms encapsulate the very essence of life, epitomising unity and radiating the energy of perfection and harmony. The spherical perfection embodied within this symbol symbolises the “All” or the “Void,” the divine essence permeating every facet of existence.

By adorning your space with our remarkable Flower of Life plate, you invite the resplendent energy of this symbol into your life. Embrace the transformation, alignment, and divine connection it offers, and witness the positive shifts it brings to your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Elevate your surroundings with this sacred geometry, embracing the profound energy of the Flower of Life



Flower of Life (Floral Pattern) Orange With Gold Trim

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