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Albert Einstein

“The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible”

A Geometric power symbol. Sri meaning the high or the exalted one. Yantra means the geometric diagram or object. A power diagram which holds multiple layers of metaphysical meanings.

Another terminology used to describe the Sri Yantra; ‘instrument of wealth’ or Sri chakra which means holy wheel. A map of a ones spiritual journey in the stage of material existence to enlightenment is mapped out on the Sri Yantra. The abode of goddess wisdom or supreme knowledge. This scared pattern is a representation of the macrocosmic level to the bodily microscopic level of the energy centres or chakras… each stage is a step up towards the ascension towards completion, displaying knowledge and wisdom on many levels.


This is A mathematically precise design based on Golden ratio or phi ratio. The shape is made up of nine interlocking triangles which created 43 smaller triangles surrounded by two lotus circles. The four upward triangle pointing male and the five triangles downward pointing female representing the fusion of both polarities; The male and the female, spirit and matter, A static and kinetic, electric and magnetic, the perfect state of unity. Each circuit of the Yantra corresponds to each chakra.


The dot or the bindi in the middle is the pivot point the symbolism of the Yantra revolves around. The bindi which is the point of singularity where space time curvature becomes infinite. The symbolism of the the first principle of the ‘one’ or the ‘whole’. The numerical value of The bindi is zero (zero point field or empty space). The Yantra is circumscribed by two concentric circles made up of 8 and 16 petals. This is the representation of the lotus creation and the reproductive vital forces.


This powerful geometry is a light wave antenna. It has the ability to focus, balance and increase the level of life force energy. Energy is transferred through waves whose features become codes. The human brain can measure the waves to interpret the codes. Information among different parts of the universe is passed through these wisdom based codes. These waves are usually alpha brain wave activity which stimulates the pineal gland.


When you focus on the dot in the centre of the Yantra it allows you ‘awaken your inner centre’. This implies gathering oneself into a single creative point integrating and balancing expansion into totality. To centre oneself is essentially the path to inner awakening.


Consistent concentration on this pattern which is mesmerising and calming and educating to our thought process, we begin connecting with resplendent worlds bringing direct benefits to our lives through our clarity of thoughts perspective and exercise of detachment.


Yantra also means for liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth. As a tool, Yantra meditation is used to withdraw the consciousness from the outer world, so as to help you to go beyond the normal framework of mind and into the altered states of consciousness.


This is a powerful concentration technique that will greatly help you to connect with the energies of the Universe and the diverse multidimensional frequencies of existence.

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