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How to care for your resonance plate

Resonance Harmonics ensures high end, high quality plates to reach each customer. These plates are delicate and energetically powerful therefore it’s important to know how to care for them, so they can remain pristine and activated as long as possible.


Step 1:

We recommend that you hang your plate carefully on a wall with the nails provided. Hanging keeps them elevated without taking up additional floor space. This also means they can function as beautiful pieces of art when not being used for meditation.


Step 2:

Resonance Harmonics have created a clear cover for all our plates sizes which easily clip onto the plates, making it comfortable to sit on if you want to meditate or place food, drink, plants and vases on our mini plates. The clear cover will prevent the plate from getting scratched, dented and damaged.

Please check out Resonance Harmonics Accessories page for more information on the clear covers.

Clear plastic cover for all plate sizes - protect your plate.

Clear plastic cover for all plate sizes – protect your plate.


Step 3:

When using them for meditational purposes please ensure you put a cloth on the floor (especially on hard surfaces), then gently place your plate on top of the cloth. This is so your plate doesn’t get dented and scratched. The plates are hand-finished and so can be fragile.


Cleansing your plates

Like anything your plate still needs to be cleaned. This should be done physically and energetically.

Physically requires; a soft cloth to wipe away dust, using non- toxic spray preferably. It’s not recommended to use harsh chemicals. Energetically there are a few techniques which can be used:


This is an ancient technique used in burning sacred plants. Using the smoke to move any stagnant energy to reenergise and re-activate the crystals and the plate. The types of plants used for this generally are Sage and Palo Santo sticks as well as natural non-toxic incense. A company that I use to source natural incense and resins is Kiyatuwrah they have a range of beautiful smells including Frankincense and Myrrh, you can find them on Facebook.

Smudging is amazing for raising the vibration of your space and deflecting and transforming unwanted energies. Hence why the ancient Egyptians to the native Americans used these in their ceremonial practices. These emit a beautiful smelling smoke which cuts through energies which are not serving and untoward.

Frankincense is a resin. The resin is the life blood of the tree. Resin protects and heals and transforms. These resins heightens spiritual awareness. Studies have been done whereby the smell of these resin infant, alleviate depression and stress. They clear away illusions which stand in the way of truth. Sage has a very earthy feminine energy; White Sage is the one recommended however you can try different ones to see which ones resonate with you. When burning the Sage the intention of clearing and purifying should be in your mind when manoeuvring the smoke around the plate and in the space the plate is placed. The Latin word to sage is salvia, which actually means to heal.

Palo Santo this has a more masculine energy, the smell is a familiar temple smell. This is a scared wood found on the coast of South America. Generally, means holy stick or sacred wood.

Both these plants, incense and resins will raise the vibration of the space and reenergise and activate the plates.

Essential Oil Mist or Diffusion

Another way to energetically clean your plate is by creating an essential oil mist. There are a number of essential oils that clear energy out and raise your vibrational frequency

These include Rose (considered the queen of all oils as it has the highest vibrational frequency), Basil, Cypress, Juniper, Lavender, Peppermint & Cedarwood. You can create an essential oil mist or diffuse that oil into the room where your plate hangs.


This is another great way to cleanse the plates. Using tuning forks or binaural or isochronic tones, there are many to select from on YouTube Tibetan bowls or any high vibrational music. Even singing and humming whilst maintaining a cleansing, releasing and activating intention.

Using the above methods will help to cleanse your plate and keep its energy powerful and focused on your own resonance.

Like with all things being energy, energy needs to be moved around and have the ability to flow without obstruction otherwise the energy remains stagnant. When a person enters your space, you don’t know what they truly hold energetically. Thoughts are energy, so:

  • What’s thoughts do they have and project?
  • What emotions do they bring to your space?
  • What emotions do you bring to your space?
  • Argument, Moods and Emotions.

These all impact energetically changing the energy within that space, this in turn has an impacts on oneself.

Similarly, in the way you would clean or tidy your home, if it got messy or dirty, or if people walked in with mud on their shoes or water from the rain. The same applies with things you don’t necessarily see but are still very much present.

Energy needs to flow and keep moving for manifestation to take place and for love, balance and abundance and clarity to flow.

Therefore, it’s fundamental to put these practises in place on a regular basis.

Three different sized resonance plates stacked to create one plate
Flower of Life (Line Pattern) Pearlescent White With Gold Trim

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