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We at Resonance Harmonics wanted to make resonance plates functional as well as beautiful to look at. This is why we choose to make them in a variety of different sizes.

All sizes can easily be hung on the wall for decorative purposes. You can choose your own colours to match with your home décor or work décor, depending on where you choose to place them. You can also choose a crystal you would like to add to the chosen colour which will then be infused with the paint.

The smallest size plates we create are the Sri Yantra, Flower of Life and the Tetrahedron which are 120mm in diameter. The Universal DNA and Metatron are slightly bigger at 160mm in diameter as our studio team found that they were losing the sacred geometry pattern when creating them at 120mm so we decided to make them slightly bigger.

The smallest size plates can be used as coasters; you can place your drinking water on them to charge it. Water is a conscious and intelligent living memory. The molecules in your water act as a recorder. When you charge your water using the resonance plate the geometry and crystal attributes record this to the water making it more vital to drink. This will improve the bodies’ digestion process and assist in better elimination. The waters strong healing and rejuvenating properties will be beneficial for your cells. Our bodies are three parts water  so to improve the conductivity of our water will move you towards optimum health.

Coaster sized 140mm 5.5 inches flower of life pure copper resonance plate perfect for energising your water

These coasters can also be used for longevity of food keeping it fresh and enhancing its flavour. Giving food an energy boost allows for less toxicity and a healthier state. By placing the plate under seed pots or flower vases, it helps in accelerated growth of the plant as well as prolonging its life. This is because it’s receiving amplified information of its self. The stronger the signal the more energy the plant contains.

If you make your own natural products such as cosmetics, toiletries, make up herbs, superfoods, detox products or plant medicine. The resonance plates can be used as a charging plates for part of the alchemical process. This way, you ensure the best intentions and high vibratory frequency is received by your products and it is being amplified through your products. A crystal can also be selected for its particular properties on your resonance plates so that can be further amplified through your product. Tachyonsing your plate will only make the resonance of the plate 10 times stronger. Therefore, with this energetic resonance submerged into your products, ensures you sell high vibratory frequency products to your customers. Only for it to be returned to you ten folds. What you give out you get back.

You can also use the plate to cleanse your money. Money is exchanged through many hands. Money touches practically every aspect of our lives.  Money can carry many forms of energetic resonance, before you receive it.  Money can be connected to many seedy activities which we don’t resonate with, therefore it congeals the energy of the past and carries the resonance.

A quote by Charles Fillmore 
“Watch your thoughts when you are handling your money, because your money is attached through your mind to the one source of all substance and all money. When you think of your money, which is visible, as something directly attached to an invisible source that is giving or withholding according to your thought, you have the key to all riches and the reason for all lack.”

The law of compensation also states; Give and it shall be given to you. If you cleanse your money you are cleaning the energy attached to the money energetically. Citrine crystal is great for this. It’s a self-cleansing stone. Purchasing a Citrine infused resonance plate will allow to dissipate and transmute negative energy to positive energy. By realising atom from an atom liberating the dense heavy energy to lighter energy. Citrine being the merchant stone will also energetically assist you in to manifesting more.

If you are a healing practitioner, the small resonance plates are great to use practically. You can place a plate on certain parts of the body whilst doing healing work. You can even personalise them by choosing each crystal connecting to each chakra. We are in the process of creating chakra plates, so this is something to look out for on our website.

They are also small enough to place in your car. You can hang them or stick them on your dashboard. These harmonise low level frequencies such as the radio and other technological waves present in your car. If your using your phone in the car or your passengers are and the windows are up, you have literally placed yourselves in a microwave oven. These plates are able to assist with this especially if you get a Shungite plate which blocks out any interference and low vibratory EMFs (Electro Magnetic Fields).

Flower of Life (Floral Pattern) Red With Gold Trim

The medium size resonance plates (20 inch in diameter) are a good size to hang on your wall without taking up too much space. They look ascetically beautiful like pieces of art. They can also be used between two cushions resting against your back for meditational purposes. If you buy a cover for your plate, then you can rest it against something soft like a cushion or a sofa and sit right up against it, with your back in direct contact with the plate. This way it stimulates the chi flowing up and down your spine and activates the Kundalini energies as well as connects to your energy centres. Meditating this way can lead to profound experiences, especially if the plate has been tachyonised which further amplifies the experience and begins the healing process. For more information on the ‘benefits of geometry’, ‘crystal meanings’ and ‘tachyon energy’ take a look on our site.

You can also sit and stand on the resonance plates, we only recommend this with a cover placed on it which you can buy or by placing it on a soft flat surface with shoes off. Please remember that the resonance plates are delicate so treat with them care. We are in the process of making bags which strap on your back so they can be used for walking meditations.

The largest size plates (1 meter in diameter) are beautiful when hanging on the wall. They really own the place you give it. Amazing for a focal design feature for your home. You don’t often see these sizes being made. They are unique!

These sizes are great as mediation plates. Like all our resonance plates, you can personalise them by choosing the right metal, pattern, colour and crystal for the energetic attributes you are trying to create around you or energetic attributes you are trying to balance and work with.

We highly recommend purchasing a cover so you can sit and mediate on your resonance plate without damaging them. They are fantastic surface area to work with allowing a person to sit / lie very comfortably on them. They can also be used as a yoga mat, allowing the energetic vibration to flow and connect through your body, especially if you are practicing kundalini yoga.

The bigger the resonance plate the more powerful it’s energetic vibrations. If you Tachyonise the plate “wow! that would sure to be a powerhouse”. As experienced by many people at the Om Yoga Show in Manchester in April 2018. Everyone reported amazing and powerful experiences. This will ensure acceleration of your spiritual growth. When finished mediating the resonance plate can then just be hung back on the wall as beautiful art pieces, out of the way and not taking up floor space.

Children can also benefit with the resonance plates. Instead of using the naughty step, (which most parents are familiar with and probably apply) you can use the resonance plate as a thinking/ meditative or mindful spot. A thoughtful / peaceful place for your children to go to, to think through their actions and choices they may have taken which may not have necessarily served them right. We are introducing mindfulness to children at an early age which can only benefit their lives at a later stage entering into adulthood. This way we don’t damage their self-esteem by labelling them as ‘bad’ or ‘naughty’ and in fact boost their confidence knowing no matter where they find themselves they can always find a solution and apply it. Most importantly they benefit whilst sitting on the resonance plate by absorbing the high frequency the plate is emitting affecting their consciousness and cells in a positively balanced and gentle way. It’s just a win win. If you really want to get creative you can also use the patterns and shapes from the plates as a form of creative play for your child.

So yes, the resonance plates are a great investment! Ultimately what it brings you and does for you far supersedes what you actually pay for it. So check out our resonance plates section and take the first steps in ordering your very own personalised resonance plate. Be sure to read the benefits to ensure which plates suits you. If you would like further information, please feel free to contact us.

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