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Resonance Harmonics Ultraviolet Glass Bottle

Our Ultraviolet bottles can be used as a water or smoothie bottle and are great to use instead of plastic bottles. The ultraviolet bottles are a special form of glass used to maintain the compounds of a product. The bottle is a dark violet colour which reflects light in the visable spectrum and only lets in UV light (UVA and UVB) and infrared.


When we expose something to light, it reacts and allows living plants to grow and causes dead plants to wither. It fades our wood decks and wrinkles our skin over time. It’s just as degrading as it is life-giving. Clear glass (and some other types of glass) allows light in the visible spectrum to penetrate through, causing products to degrade more quickly and encouraging microbial growth. While violet glass filters out visible light, it selectively lets in UVA and UVB rays, which suppresses microbial growth.


The Resonance Harmonics Ultraviolet bottle is great to use on a daily basis and is another way to help stop using plastic materials effecting our natural environment. We will also imprint one of our sacred geometry patterns on the bottom of the bottle. Please choose your option when ordering your bottle.

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