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Flower Of Life Stainless Steel Plate (Heat Treated – Various Sizes Available)

The Flower of Life is a universal symbol known as the mother of all geometry. This acts as a visual expression of the connections of how life weaves through all mankind and is believed by some to contain a type of Akashic Record of basic information about all living things. This geometry will help you align everything within your physical and energetic body systems achieving divine alignment accessing divine energy source.


Heat treatment is a process whereby we heat and cool the metal to change the surface of the plate to bring out the physical characteristics of the metal making it more desirable to look at.


Flower Of Life Heat Treated (click to find out what Heat Treatment is) available in 40 inch only.

Why not Personalise your Resonance Plate


This process is used to take your resonance plate to the next level energetically. Tachyonisation is a technological process which impregnates physical particles with increase amounts of tachyon permanently changing the quantum properties of the atomic nuclei which composes that matter. There is no chemical composition changes only on a subatomic level. Visit our Tachyon page for more details.

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