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Harmonic Frequencies

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We chose to create plates using sacred geometry which we have termed ‘Resonance Plates’. These plates both resonate powerfully and work towards harmonising and strengthening the Human Auric Field.

Working and or engaging with these plates will allow you to reach many levels of expansion allowing you to explores the depths of your inner self. This will make it possible to awaken your true potential and have the confidence to tap into that potential from resonating at the highest levels.

Not only, elevating your lives, but also placing you on the path to ascension, especially in these transformative times. The Resonance Plates can steer you on the path to a world which is enriching on a physical, mental and spiritual level no matter who and where you come from. We are all part of the connective oneness.

Sacred geometry is found everywhere. All geometry observed in our reality and nature is a derivative of sacred geometry. Therefore, this had to be the very foundation of our Resonance Plates. Energetically we knew, through our own experiences and research working with sacred geometry, these plates would be powerful and healing on many levels.

Another power tool which we chose to incorporate in our Resonance Plates was Crystals (Gemstones) and Minerals.

These were sought after by advance ancient civilisation and indigenous communities all around the world. In fact, Crystals (Gemstones) aren’t really supposed to be used for vanity or cosmetics purposes, as seen today. Crystal are actually tools to strengthen your Human Auric Field. The Human Aura is in fact; a crystal electrical frequency encased in an electromagnetically sheath, similar to the earth’s magnetic sphere. It has a circuitry and if the Auric Field is not maintained then it will short circuit.

Crystals (Gemstones) and Minerals emit a crystalline electric field which protects the Human Auric Field. These are tools which should be known as auric regulators and maintainers, essentially acting as tuning forks for our aura. They reinforce and strengthen the Human Auric Field in all planes as they congeal energy and enhance life force.

The fluids which make up the human body are all liquid crystals, from our blood to the crystalline nature of our tissues, to the structures of our cells and the crystal molecules of our DNA.

The DNA molecule is found in the nucleus of every cell in all living organisms. It’s actually a hexagonal crystal. It’s extremely thin and is ten atoms wide and intricately folded and pressed. It sits in the nucleus and if unfolded would probably stretch 6 feet long.

This crystal molecule, or the DNA, gives us the data about our species; our form, our gender, eye colour, hair, intelligence, gifts, talents, longevity and diseases. It’s also the seat of our self-awareness. Similar to crystals and their properties.

DNA and crystal minerals both emit light under certain conditions.

If mechanical force is applied to the DNA such as pressing and twisting, it produces an electrical charge which induces it to emit electromagnetic radiation or light.

The Quartz (crystal) does the same thing it converts mechanical energy into electromagnetic energy. This process is called the piezoelectric effect. This shows the strong connection with the living world and the mineral world.

microscopic crystals in pineal gland

The pineal gland (the gland in our brain) often referred to as the third eye, consists of small calcite micro-crystals. These crystals produces bioluminescence; which is a form of light without heat. This can explain why colours and visions can be experienced during meditation.

The pineal gland interacts with electromagnetic waves outside the head creating an electrical charge. This is what’s known as a piezoelectrical effect. So essentially the pineal gland is able to generate energy and hold a charge. This further strengthens the connection between crystals and the humans body.


When the Human Auric Field has been disrupted the following symptoms may be experienced:

  • Fatigue
  • Delusional or erroneous ways of thinking
  • Imbalance prone to illness or diseases
  • Over-reactions
  • Depression
  • Irritated and negative attachments to either behavioural thoughts, forms or habits
  • Overbearing
  • Dogmatic and controlling

Emotional conflict also disrupts the Human Auric Field as energy is exerted from the third chakra and the energy ping pongs between the person you have conflict with. Resulting in one losing energy and one gaining energy which essentially what is called a psychic attack. Hence why it’s fundamental the Human Auric Field is continually strengthen and maintained.

When the Human Auric Field is intact with the right circuitry (where energy is not being leaked) it makes for balance vitality and health in the mind body and soul.

More importantly it controls over manifesting reality. The atomic and attributes of Crystal (Gemstones), Minerals and Metals not only possess beneficial vibrations but also assist in deflecting the body from untoward etheric energies such as attachments, interfering energies, computer usages such as blue light toxicity and harmful EMF’s which all cause auric disruption.


Therefore, the use of Crystals (Gemstones) and Minerals on our Resonance Plates became essential as combined with sacred geometry and chosen metal they becomes a powerful energy tool that our customers can use to resonate, strengthen and build a harmonising ‘living space’.

As crystal atomic attributes and electrical attributes project beneficial vibrations and protect the body by deflecting energies which do not serve us positively. Crystals are the perfect way to amplify energy, in its own particular ways, according to its properties. Crystals are pulsing generators which emit a complex Crystal Electrical Field (CEF) which optimally integrates with the human aura operating in light and enhancing the chakric field.

The five platonic solids present in crystals are the core of scared geometry, this is why crystals and sacred geometry go hand in hand.

  • Tetrahedron which represents the divine will
  • Hexahedron (or the cube) represents divine creativity
  • Octahedron represents divine unity
  • Dodecahedron represents divine compassion
  • Icosahedrons represents divine wisdom
The five platonic solids present in crystals are the core of scared geometry

The five platonic solids present in crystals are the core of scared geometry

Crystals carry these various attributes as they are living vibrational entities which helps to boost the electricity of imagination and bring a sense of calm and serenity to whoever they are around.

The location of where Crystals, (Gemstones) and Minerals are purchased is also an important factor as they are natural recorders and absorb the data of their surrounding environment. For example:

If you mined an Amethyst from Brazil it would have different astrological attributes, then if you minded the same stone from Sri Lanka.

None of the crystals that Resonance Harmonics uses to create our Resonance Plates are lab made as this would have a huge impact on the energy and amplification.


The Crystals (Gemstones) and Minerals Resonance Harmonics uses amplify a different energy, we have given a breakdown for you here:


There is no other substance that is so densely packed with electrons then the diamond. As a result, they have the ability to trap light. Diamonds can both speed up and slow down time, light usually travels at the speed of 186miles per sec and diamond can slow this down to almost a third of that to around 80 miles per sec.

So diamonds increase life force by slowing down time, this could be a factor to why women generally live longer than men as they wear diamonds more often then men do. Diamonds pulsate energy increasing the abilities of mental manifestation. They also amplify any other stones in which they are placed with.

Astronomers have discovered a diamond star which is 10 billion trillion trillion carats. It’s 50 light years from the earth in the constellation Centaurus. This diamond star is 2500 miles across and weighs 5 million trillion trillion pounds and is larger than the moon which is 2200 miles. This amazing star has been named Lucy after the Beetles song. This star is not only radiant but also harmonious, it rings like a gigantic gong constantly pulsating and oscillating.

Diamonds are one of the most highly controlled and expensive Gemstones, with attributes such as these you can see why. We can create Resonance Plates with diamonds – this would be a personalised plate please take a look at our personalised plate section.

If a Diamond maybe a little too expensive why not consider Garnet which resonates and acts in a very similar way.


This crystal is blue in colour because of the heat of the volcanos where it’s found in Brazil and Africa. Its molecular structure is tetrahedron.

This stone is excellent to increase communication skills. It enhances the ability for rapid intelligent response and helps one to learn not only about the external world but also about your inner world.

This stone allows you to raise the levels of your awareness and spiritual growth whilst allowing to remain centred and stable. Encourages service to the world as well as creativity and serenity and general well-being.


The Amethyst is a very powerful stone and actually vibrates to the frequency of purple ray, which is the highest vibration of light. A great stone to assist in psychic development and activating the third eye. This stone was worn by the pharaohs.

Rose Quartz

The stone of the divine feminine and unconditional love. This crystal holds a very nurturing vibration for yourself and others.

It helps to tackle depression, loneliness, grief and self-confidence.

It removes self-condemnation and hyper-criticisms and infuses a sense of calmness and balance within a person and their environment.

This stone raises the frequency and speeds up the metabolism and creates a greater sense of vitality and joy.

Clear Quartz

Is a base stone to many attributes; it’s piezoelectric works as a transmitter and receiver by acting as a recorder. It’s a great amplifier of energy and is used as a coat on our Resonance Plates that have a crystal colour paint.



Our Mission

At Resonance Harmonics we have created crystal infused paints for our Resonance Plates, the crystals are not colour related so you can customise your plate by choosing the Resonance Plate size, sacred geometric pattern, metal type, colour and crystal that matches your personal requirements.

We aim to create plates for individuals and not mass market allowing our customers to focus on their individual human Auric Field and what would best suit them in their own environment. Our Resonance Plates retain the energy and attributes of the crystal yet the stones are not actually seen leaving the Resonance Plates with a smooth finish allowing for the big plates to be used for meditational purposes.

Like our cells, crystals constantly receive and transmit energy acting as recorders. They are the eyes, ears and nose of the earth. The earth uses them to see, hear and smell thus communicating with the planets and the solar system or heavens and earth of all humanities actions.

Our mission for Resonance Harmonics as a company is to continue to develop and grow and we are currently looking at how we can incorporate Crystals (Gemstones) and Minerals into stone form and we hope to bring this to you in the future.

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