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Resonance chakra alignment plates and creams (full collection)

The chakras  are the bridge to higher consciousness, the energetic alchemy of alignment. The human is composed of various seen and unseen systems which make up who we are. Our circuits or endocrine system brings the main supply of energy to the whole being. This is what provides us with creative intelligence. Chakras are energy centres, a vortex of energy which radiates the colours of the rainbow. These chakras are connected to each of our glands and all these systems aim to accelerate the electromagnetic life force and prevent the human biosphere from short circuiting giving us access to a full range of life force.


Each Chakra spins like a wheel holding a vortex of energy. The seventh chakra is where the lights unifies and produces a major energy vortex containing all the rainbow colours. The six body chakras are the other energy, frequencies and colours which create the material world. These spheres of light or energy centres run along the spine at different vibrations and and behaving as individual energies with their own landscape laws and rules which create and manifest unique characteristics influencing what we feel and experience.


The resonance chakra alignment full collection comes in a pyramid box which has been createdto match the geometry of The Great pyramid of Giza. This fantastic collection includes:


Seven chakra steel plates, the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root. Each plate has been designed and hand-made in the UK. The plates are the size of your palm so that they can be tools that can be used whether you are at home or on the move. These tools are also fantastic to work with if you are a practicing healer.


As well as the seven chakra steel plates the collection also includes the resonance chakra alignment creams, these are plant-derived creams that have been tailored to resonate with each chakra vortex. Each cream has been made with different ingredients ensuring it resonantes at the right frequency for each chakra’s energy. We have also activated the creams with a powdered gemstone that also aligns with the relevant chakra zone. The creams have been specifically made to help rejuvenate and balance the human aura, increase cellular energy, microcirculation and electomagnetism.


The Chakra creams come in two sizes. A 5ml set with seven chakra plates or a 15ml set with seven chakra plates. Please choose the relevant size when ordering.


The resonance chakra alignment plates and creams are perfect to aid therapy session and help practice mindful meditation.

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