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Universal DNA Stainless Steel Plate (Various Sizes Available)

This advanced geometric code resonates with universal blueprint which manifests spirit into matter and matter into spirit. This pattern is the morphological structure of the eye and the electromagnetic field structure of light. This design has a direct affinity to the element of water. It imprints the water with the streams of universal energy that is carried by the geometry. If you wish acquire tremendous understanding on a level which you do not yet possess. Then superimpose this plate over whatever it is that you seek to know. Your eyes reflect everything happening in the body, and through the use of this tool.


Available in 3 sizes (160 mm, 20 inch, 40 inch). Please note: The 160 mm plate is brushed stainless steel


Please note: the 6.29 inch plate is brushed stainless steel whilst the 20 and 40 inch plates are stainless steel.

Why not Personalise your Resonance Plate


This process is used to take your resonance plate to the next level energetically. Tachyonisation is a technological process which impregnates physical particles with increase amounts of tachyon permanently changing the quantum properties of the atomic nuclei which composes that matter. There is no chemical composition changes only on a subatomic level. Visit our Tachyon page for more details.

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