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Resonance chakra alignment creams

The chakras are the bridge to higher consciousness, the energetic alchemy of alignment. The human is composed of various seen and unseen systems which make up who we are. Our circuits or endocrine system brings the main supply of energy to the whole being. This is what provides us with creative intelligence. Chakras are energy centres, a vortex of energy which radiates the colours of the rainbow. These chakras are connected to each of our glands and all these systems aim to accelerate the electromagnetic life force and prevent the human biosphere from short circuiting giving us access to a full range of life force.


Each Chakra spins like a wheel holding a vortex of energy. The seventh chakra is where the lights unifies and produces a major energy vortex containing all the rainbow colours. The six body chakras are the other energy, frequencies and colours which create the material world. These spheres of light or energy centres run along the spine at different vibrations and and behaving as individual energies with their own landscape laws and rules which create and manifest unique characteristics influencing what we feel and experience.


Resonance Harmonics chakra alignments creams are non-toxic, synthetic free, organic and vegan. All seven creams contain the same base oils, which consist of shea butter, grapeseed oil, tamanu oil, vitamin E and calendula. Each chakra contains different essential oils which correspond to a particular chakra. The chakra creams have also been activated with powdered gemstones, different ones in each individual creams to enhance the energetic resonance and frequency of that particular chakra.


The Crown– Ingredients include, frankincense and spearmint with amethyst crystal. The following ingredients were used with this chakra because of their properties. Frankincense instils the ability to adapt it tranquillises and promotes harmony of the mind. Spearmint helps motivate and inspire by promoting new creative ideas giving a person the confidence and self esteem required in life. Amethyst crystal provides calm and positivity, it opens a person to view unlimited truths as well as helps to begin and facilities meditation.


The Third Eye – Ingredients include, lavender and frankincense with lapis lazuli crystal. The following ingredients were used with this chakra because of their properties. Lavender is great for headaches and migraines by soothing the physical systems. Frankincense instils the ability to adapt promoting harmony of the mind allowing thoughts to be focused and to calm the monkey mind. Lapis Lazuli the stone of illumination and enlightenment. It works to open the third eye helping to recall dreams and connections to spirit guides.


The Throat – Ingredients include, bergamot and geranuim with aquamarine crystal. The following ingredients were used with this chakra because of their properties. Bergamot helps in periods of sadness depression and grief. It’s a great relaxant, reduces nervous tension and stress. Geranuim stimulates circulation in the brain, pineal and pituitary glands which bridges the right and left brain hemispheres to bring a more balanced perspective and clarity. Aquamarine crystal grants courage, the stone of enlightenment and spiritual awareness with the ability to a-tune emotions.


The Heart– Ingredients include, cedar, frankincense and rose with chrysoprase crystal. The following ingredients were used with this chakra because of their properties. Cedar promotes mental clarity and eases anger making an environment feel safe so trust is allowed to be built. Frankincense instils the ability to adapt, it tranquillises and promotes harmony of the mind. Rose is a classic heart opening oil it promotes harmony and awakening compassion kindness and love. Chrysoprase crystal gives you an emotional makeover by manifesting optimism joy and compassion. It’s relaxing cool vibes helps cool of any emotional storms.


The Solar Plexus– Ingredients include, palo santos and ylang ylang with citrine crystal. Palo santos is a high frequency oil, providing energetic protection and upliftment of a spirit. Ylang ylang provides release from feelings of fear which can hold a person back from achieving. Ylang ylang is also known as an antidepressant it allows calmness from stress and anxiety. Citrine crystal is the stone of success and is used for cleansing and activating which is a great aid for transformative energy.


The Sacral– Ingredients include, cinnamon and jasmine with orange calcite crystal. This chakra is associated with sexuality, sensuality and creativity and cinnamon is great for your immune system whilst supporting a healthy reproductive system. It encourages self acceptance, self confidence and healthy sexual expression, whilst clearing trapped emotions from past trauma. Jasmine harmonises sensual and emotional aspects, reawakening passions and restoring creativity. Orange Calcite Crystal encourages sexuality, sensuality innovation and creativity. This stone is used for healing emotional wounds connected to sexuality.


The Root– Ingredients include, patchouli and cedarwood with red jasper crystal. The following ingredients were used with this chakra because of their properties. Patchouli helps to relieve stress and anxieties. It has an earthy woody scent which helps with strengthening the root chakra. Cedarwood is a woody grounding aroma allowing communications with higher self. Red jasper helps to remove energy blocks present in the root chakra making a person more balanced. It provides stamina and strength transforming insecure energy into strength and development of ones own power.



The chakra creams come in two sizes. A 5ml set or a 15ml set . Please choose the relevant size when ordering. The resonance chakra alignment creams are perfect to aid therapy session and help practice mindful meditation.

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